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Hybrid Hydraulic Drives

Energy Recovery for Sustainability

Kinetics Drive Solutions hydraulic-hybrid drives (HHDs) replace conventional vehicle transmissions with a power distribution unit that decouples the wheels from the engine for superior engine management. Our engineers designed the hydraulic-hybrid drive to address the need for more efficient use of traditional energy sources. By reducing carbon emissions, the solution provides a more environmentally sound vehicle.

NexDrive - Hybrid Hydraulic Drives

Hydraulic accumulators store energy for high charge/discharge rates in cases where vehicles have high loads and frequent stop/start duty cycles. The hydraulic-hybrid line provides very high power density. Vehicles adopting this new technology have experienced up to a 50% reduction in fuel consumption on a typical route with ancillary benefits including significantly reduced carbon emissions, less brake wear and ease of driving compared with other hybrid systems.

OEM Technical Advantages

  • Can retrofit existing vehicles
  • Indefinite life with little servicing
  • Simple adaption
  • No degradation in overall vehicle reliability
  • Maintain existing vehicle performance

Operating Advantages

  • Vehicles achieve greater fuel economy and lower emissions by:
    • Operating the primary energy and the secondary energy source for peak power
    • Installing an appropriate secondary energy storage device
    • Capturing braking energy that is normally wasted as heat by capturing its kinetic energy into the secondary energy device
  • Three-year return on investments yields profitability @ 15% savings
  • Reduced engine wear
  • Reduced primary transmission wear
  • Improved operator productivity
  • Reduced brake wear
  • Reduce operator fatigue
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HHD Applications

Hybrid Hydraulic Drives
Hybrid Hydraulic Drives