ST Kinetics


Partners in Excellence

Our partnerships strengthen our ability to explore advanced transmission technology designs. We in turn allow them to provide highly efficient, sustainable solutions for specialty drive systems to their customers.

OEM Partners

Our design expertise is embedded in advanced systems offered by some of the world’s leading providers of land motion systems.


Kinetics is a partner with Cargotec, the international leader in cargo movement. Kinetics worked together with Cargotec to provide a sustainable solution for prime movers at the Port of Singapore Authority. Cargotec embedded Kinetic’s Hydraulic Hybrid transmission into their propulsion package.

Cargotec is the first to launch a hydraulic hybrid drive terminal tractor offering customers improved performance, significant savings in fuel costs and even greater reductions in nitrous oxide and particulate matter emissions. Paired with the Kalmar Ottawa 4×2 off-highway terminal tractor, the hydraulic hybrid system will initially be available to customers operating in North America.

Component Partners

We seek the best in our partnerships. The quality they provide allows us to build reliability and performance into every design and implementation.


Kinetic’s technology partner, STW provides the programmable, ruggedized sensors and controllers we use in heavy duty vehicle control solutions. STW continually upgrades their systems using the latest technologies and highest quality components. STW equipment’s proven reliability and unparalleled flexibility combined with our expertise result in powerful and reliable control, command and communications systems.