ST Kinetics

Design & Development

Research, Design & Development for Performance

Kinetics Drive Solutions leverages more than 20 years of experience in heavy duty propulsion systems to develop highly customized, yet affordable engineering solutions given special conditions and new vehicle program goals. We specialize in designing and developing new technologies that improve efficiency at higher power densities — without excessive associated costs.

Engineering Design


Our engineering team has a broad range of expertise and experience in transmission design, hydraulics, software design and development, digital systems, metallurgy, testing, and production — all¬†supported by a small batch manufacturing facility.

Engineering for Value

One of our key design goals is to produce high-quality products that meet our customers’ program goals within reasonable financial limits. Our designs take into consideration initial production costs, as well as long-term maintenance and repair expenses.

Prototyping for Accuracy

Iterative physical prototyping can rapidly become expensive. A smart alternative that many manufacturers are starting to use is digital prototyping. Today’s design engineering software reduces or can even eliminate the need for solid models by using powerful 3D tools to create and test the product virtually. Digital prototyping helps Kinetics Drive Solutions’ customers meet their launch, revenue, cost and quality targets.

Design Engineering Solutions