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Transmission Innovations for Defense Vehicles

High Quality, Low Through-Life Costs

With tightly controlled defense budgets and increasing demand for equipment to meet new threats, access to commercially available off the shelf technology (COTS) has become a pre-requisite of any military procurement program. Kinetics Drive Solutions advanced transmissions and custom intelligent controls have been integrated into defense vehicle programs at low acquisition and through-life costs.


In view of the highly specific missions that military vehicles are required to undertake, Kinetics configures optimal transmission systems for most applications from tested and proven assemblies. These assemblies are then integrated in a housing that can be tailored to make allowance for the space available in the vehicle. Kinetics Drive Solutions supplies transmissions for armored and logistic vehicles, both tracked and wheeled. We also design and supply integrated propulsion systems, using engines and cooling groups of the customer’s choice, as well as a providing logistic support packages for special applications worldwide.

Research and Development Programs

Kinetics has investigated a number of novel propulsion ideas which include studies of hybrid and full electric solutions for vehicles of the future, with innovative ideas for drive and control systems. Our research and development programs have generated advanced drive options for infinitely variable hydro-mechanical or electro-mechanical solutions. These solutions, for the next generation of military vehicles, are readily available for prototyping.

Defense Track Vehicles

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