ST Kinetics


Testing for Reliability

To test our innovative transmissions, we built a completely custom facility. Kinetics Drive Solutions’ multi-purpose testing facility is capable of testing multiple transmissions simultaneously. The test center runs multiple dynamometers, including high-end Eddy current and VFD dynamometers and absorbers which allow energy to return to the test bed. The individually controlled dynamometers can be linked to perform a complete cross drive test including simulated power take off testing. Our testing team can design and execute both operator controlled and automated custom test sequences depending on the application.

Kinetics engineering - testing

The Test Facility Provides

  • A robust, stable test environment that can be easily reproduced
  • Extreme high torque loads at low Revolutions Per Minute (RPMs)
  • Customizable configuration
  • A broad range of normal operating conditions in a controlled bench environment
  • Sophisticated controls, monitoring, diagnostics and reporting
  • Proximity to equipment and tools
  • Energy efficiency using current absorbers
Typical Tests

Kinetics' testing room
Kinetics' testing facility