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Electro-Mechanical IVT

Flexible, Light Weight, Small Footprint Designs

Kinetics Drive Solutions electro-mechanical infinitely variable transmission (EM-IVT) designs combine an electric generator and motor with a planetary gear set in a hybrid configuration. This provides a parallel, dual power path through the transmission permitting it to transfer power in any of three modes – purely electric, combined electric and mechanical, or purely mechanical.

Electrical Mechanical Variable Transmissions

At low speeds, most power is transferred electrically and a small amount mechanically. At high speeds, all power is transmitted mechanically as the transmission “locks up” in an overdrive ratio allowing cruising speeds with low engine RPMs. Between these two extremes, power is transmitted as a mixture of electric and mechanical with the ratio continually favoring mechanical as it progresses upward through the range. Additionally, a two-speed planetary gear with speed matching shift transition expands operating range.

OEM Technical Advantages

  • Efficiency gains mean a 65% reduction to power an equivalent drive, resulting in smaller, more economical engine requirements
  • Robust components include two planetary gear sets, with no small geared starter and simple clutches
  • Elegant design significantly reduces the number of components
  • Enables lighter solutions
  • Export power generating capability
  • Regenerative breaking

Operating Advantages

  • Improved performance over straight series hybrid : high torque at crawl speeds, continuous power application means no shifting
  • Full performance electric mode supports higher speed requirements
  • Significant fuel savings
  • Reduced brake wear
  • Lower noise
  • Zero-emission mode
  • Idle off
  • Supports plug-in power
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EM-IVT Applications
  • EM-IVTs are ideally suited for hybrid-electric powered vehicles with a requirement for higher torque at low-speeds blended with higher speed highway requirements.